Trade Affiliates

Trade Affiliates receive a range of promotional, networking and commercial opportunities that help you get in front of healthcare and assistive technology companies. BHTA can offer some valuable exclusive benefits to raise your profile in the sector and enable you to market your business directly to hundreds of industry professionals – your potential customers.

We help you do this by providing all the following benefits for one annual subscription, with no additional costs: 

  • Including your company information in every new member welcome pack, sent to around 100 companies every year , as well as the renewal packs sent annually to our 500 members. This associates you with the value members get from BHTA.
  • Encouraging you to attend our new member induction events, run for up to 100 companies per year. This is an opportunity to meet them in person and explain the benefits of your product or service.
  • Offering you a banner advert - exclusive to trade affiliates - in our weekly newsletter Today at BHTA, distributed to all our members.
  • Raising your profile with members by sending a bespoke email marketing communication in your first year as a Trade Affiliate.
  • Providing a free quarter page advert in Thiis magazine, worth £225, distributed to 3,000 companies who sell or supply disability, rehab and homecare equipment, and read by around 10,000 people. Over the last six months, the Thiis website has seen 48,024 visits from 32,085 unique visitors with 108,867 page views.
  • Informing you about the industry and the latest trends, with free copies of Today at BHTA, AT Today and The Bulletin.
  • Profiling you to members looking for suppliers, through the opportunity to add your profile to our Trade Affiliate Directory on
  • Increasing your credibility in the sector by providing you with a BHTA Trade Affiliate logo, for use on your own promotional materials, on and offline.
  • Adding your company’s seminars, events, roadshows and training sessions to – these listings are exclusive to Trade Affiliates – as well as giving you discounted access to all BHTA events and training.  

We also offer Trade Affiliates exclusive sponsorship opportunities at our Awards dinner in December

To become a Trade Affiliate, please complete the application form below. If you have any queries or need further information, please contact the BHTA on 020 7702 2141.

BHTA's Board of Directors will have sole discretion in deciding whether to accept a business as a Trade Affiliate; these will be businesses that (in the Board's opinion) operate to a standard which shows professionalism and quality that benefits the Association.

BHTA Trade Affiliates

Parkinson's UK

We recognise the importance of working collaboratively with all stakeholders with an interest in Parkinson's.

Approximately 0.5% of our income originates from pharmaceutical companies.

We work with them in accordance to the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry code to protect the impartiality of the charity. Our industry supporters don’t have any input into the content of our publications.

We review our policies regularly and we'll continue to work with industry where we believe it's in the interests of people with Parkinson's; see more.

3M Healthcare

Critical and cronic care solutions, iv dressings, skin management, compression bandaging

Kinetic Media Limited 

Kinetic Media is a well-established organisation that offers both innovative training platforms and video technologies.

Our expertise in media allows us to create bespoke training videos for the healthcare industry, working with our Kinetic E-Learn platform if required. Additionally we offer information portals, with our most popular being EquipMyHome. The portal is a clinical and self-funding tool where products can be viewed, reviewed and sourced at the touch of a button.

Millbrook Proving Ground Limited

Automative testing & development services

Writers4u Limited T/A Impression Marketing

With over 30 years healthcare industry experience our principle aim, is to reduce costs for all BHTA members, help build their brand, increase their profile and ultimately increase their turnover. We have teamed up with a number of media suppliers in order to offer BHTA members an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to allow themselves better rates, better coverage and better returns. Due to our buying power, we can offer: Media Buying including:- Printed Media, Radio, TV, Digital, Social Media, Content Marketing, POS, Creative & Design. For more info contact Angus Long at

To apply simply download our application form below: