About us


BHTA's vision is "Better health, better care, better value".

To achieve this, our objectives are:

    1. To create and demonstrate value for members

      • By creating compelling services for members
      • By increasing section support to enable proactive activity
      • By streamlining and targeting communication to members and sections
      • By building the brand

            2. To increase influence and credibility for members with consumers, government bodies and other stakeholders

              • By lobbying government across the UK
              • By persuading government to run public health campaign on our sectors
              • By developing strategy on procurement
              • By building the brand

                  3. To ensure high product standards, fair regulation for businesses and professionalism for individuals

                        BHTA is run on a day to day basis by a Board of Management, which consists of the directors of the Association. They receive strategic input and decision from the Council, which consists of the Chairmen of our various Sections.

                        Member companies choose and participate in the product/service Sections relevant to their business.  Each Section meets several times a year, to discuss issues of interest to the members, to develop position papers and advice leaflets as appropriate, and formulate responses to external consultations. Working Groups are formed to tackle specific issues as and when needed.

                        BHTA job vacancies

                        Organisations and campaigns we work closely with: