GS1 barcoding

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The NHS is working to bring in GS1 standards as quickly as possible across a number of arenas, which started with patient identification, and now include unique device identifiers. This makes it important that manufacturers and suppliers to the NHS and Local Government are able to respond to the new tender requirements and supply goods with GS1 barcodes attached. Shortly revisions to the Medical Devices Directive will be stepping up the requirements for track and trace processes.  Legislation is coming down the line over the next few years across the world for barcoded unique device identifiers and track and trace data.

The Dept of Health - eProcurement Strategy presentation at the bottom of this page was given at our Automatic Information Data Collection seminar on 14 January 2015 and sets out the NHS timetable for mandating barcoding for all goods and services supplied.

Health Hub Code Bank

Health Hub Code Bank is an easy to use, web based central database for healthcare barcodes. Using one central database makes using barcode information simpler for suppliers and customers - everyone benefits. Unlike some other databases, Health Hub is healthcare-specific and holds only the details you and your customers need.

This is a web based solution covering all present and likely future needs, which stores details of products, their proprietary owner, GTIN barcode detail and their other attributes. It features easy to use search options and interfaces for barcode owners to upload from CSV files and for barcode users to export/download to CSV files. (CSV files are a simple way to import or export to proprietary software applications.) 

Health Hub is a partnership between Assistive Partner, who provide the technical expertise and experience in hosted software applications, and the BHTA, which has 480 members in the healthcare sector and wants to improve the take-up of technology in the sector. Both organisations have long experience of the healthcare sector and see the benefits of one barcode database used by everyone in the supply chain.

Visit Health Hub Code Bank -

GS1 barcoding implementation workshops

BHTA has run a series of workshops to support members in implementing GS1 barcoding. These are an opportunity to discuss the issues around implementing barcoding for your company with our expert speakers.

Our most recent barcoding seminar took place on 2 June; watch this space for future dates.

Barcoding for medical equipment - guidance

To assist BHTA members to react to these changing market needs, BHTA and GS1 formed a Working Group to put together a set of Guidelines to help get started with barcoding their equipment.  Companies which have introduced barcoding to meet customer requirements have found substantial internal payoffs from improved stock control, faster stocktake, etc.  Their customers throughout the supply chain are able to reduce costs significantly and improve efficiency as well.

Members can download a copy of the BHTA Guidance from the Members' Area or to request hard copies, please contact