BHTA Sections

Children's Equipment

With participants from virtually every area of BHTA's membership, including special seating, sleep surfaces, orthotic footwear and stoma & continence products, members of this Section all have a particular focus on providing products and support for children and their families.

Hearing Care

Both retailers and manufacturers participate in this section giving a broad spectrum of experience that is utilised. Working mainly within the private sector, most organisational members are involved with delivering hearing care from various high street outlets, hospitals and domiciliary settings. With the changing landscape of hearing care, there is growing opportunity for hearing care professionals and businesses to provide both private & NHS hearing services.

Mobility Group

The mobility group is a well balanced section comprising of members from the manufacturing and retail of mobility equipment, as well as importers, and distributors. The result of this mixture is a strong focus on consumers and end users.


Orthotic service contractors to the NHS and orthotic product manufacturers participate in this section.  A new model for delivering orthotics services in the NHS is being developed.